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News & Announcements

January 2018US Shredder to Introduce Turning and Chip Recycling Technology
February 2017Five Rover Video
February 2017US Shredder to Market Fire Rover
January 2017US Shredder Hires Field Superintendent
November 2016US Shredder's Tigner Completes New York City Marathon For Children's Charity
July 2016US Shredder Opens New Sales Office in Lake City, SC
May 2016Tigner and Njavro Join US Shredder Sales Team
April 2016US Shredder Featured in American Metal Market SCRAP EDITION
March 2016US Shredder to Celebrate 10 Year Anniversary
March 2016US Shredder Commissions 7090 Heavy Duty Aluminum Shredder at MOST
September 2015US Shredder Partners with A Fines Solution to provide financing for Nonferrous Recovery Systems
August 2015US Shredder Hires Tigner
August 2015US Shredder Invests to Increase Casting Capacity and Offerings
May 2015Midwest Scrap Management selects US Shredder to build extensive nonferrous plant in Kansas City
February 2015US Shredder Installs Complete 80108 Shredder System to Oregon Processor
October 2014US Shredder Kicks Off 5th Annual "Castings for a Cure" Campaign
May 2014Recyclers join forces to help those in need
November 2013US Shredder To Open Second Castings Inventory Facility
October 2013US Shredder Turnkey Installations and Capabilities Increase
October 2013US Shredder Introduces New Shredder for Maximum Nonferrous and Ferrous Separation
September 2013US Shredder Kicks Off 4th Annual "Castings for a Cure" Campaign
July 2013Heavy Duty 7090 Scrap Shredder Placed in Inventory for Immediate Delivery
July 2013US Shredder Hires Southeast US Project Manager
June 2013US Shredder Opens New Midwest Castings Inventory Facility
June 2013US Shredder Introduces New Line of Nonferrous "Retrofit" Conveyors
April 2013US Shredder Promotes Quick to Business Manager
February 2013US Shredder Adds New Automatic ASR (Fluff) Loading System For Downstream Systems
February 2013US Shredder Joins The Bureau for International Recycling (BIR)
December 2012US Conveyor / US Shredder is looking for a qualified candidate to lead our Shredder Engineering Program
November 2012US Shredder Enters Europe, Middle East, North Africa and India With Italian Supplier
September 2012US Shredder Hires Nonferrous Specialist Veteran
May 2012US Shredder Takes Recycling Message To NASCAR's All Star Race
May 2012David Ragan will pilot the No. 34 U.S. Shredder Ford in Saturday's NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race
April 2012US Shredder Adds New Project Manager
March 2012Romney Uses US Shredder As Backdrop for Town Meeting
February 2012US Shredder Relocates Alabama Office
November 2011See Bill Tigner's Interview with Recycling Today
September 2011Facility Expansion Press Release
August 2011US Shredder Kicks Off 2nd Annual "Castings for a Cure" Campaign
July 2011US Shredder Adds New Project Manager to Staff
June 2011US Shredder Anniversary Announcement
May 2011US Shredder Introduces New Grate For Auto Shredders, The "Double O-No Grow"
April 2011US Shredder Announces Major Nonferrous Upgrade Project for Midwest Scrap Supplier
March 2011US Shredder Announces New 80108 Shredder Sale To Nebraska Scrap Supplier
January 2011US Shredder Announces New Engineering Division- Focus on Turnkey Installation Services
October 2010US Shredder Offers New Heavy Duty 6085 Replacement Rotors To Shredder Market
September 2010US Shredder Adds New Personnel
August 2010New Heavy Duty 7090 Auto Scrap Shredder Sold, 2nd Shredder Placed in Production
August 2010US Shredder Announces "Castings for a Cure" Campaign
March 2010US Shredder Offers New RF Remote Downstream Controls