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US Shredder Invests to Increase Casting Capacity and Offerings

12 August 2015

he US Shredder announced today that it is investing together with its main castings supplier to increase its castings capacity to the automobile and scrap shredder market as well as offering new types of hammers.

“The decrease in presence in the market of several traditional suppliers of castings has given us the largest market share we have enjoyed in the last 9 years,” according to company President Bill Tigner. “We felt an investment now together with our main casting supplier will have us poised to present lower lead times as well as higher quality for our customers when the market turns around. The increase in capacity also includes the new offering of “differentially heat treated” hammers as well as a special alloy hammer we have developed.”

The investment should increase the company’s capacity by as much as 30%. The new capacity will represent import hammers as well as those castings produced in North America.

The US Shredder offers scrap shredders, control systems, downstream systems, non ferrous recovery, air systems; as well as shredder castings, service, engineering, construction and installation to the worldwide scrap industry. For more information, please contact Bill Tigner at 205-999-7670 or [email protected].