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US Shredder Commissions 7090 Heavy Duty Aluminum Shredder at MOST

21 March 2016

Miramar Beach, FL…. The US Shredder has commissioned a 7090 Heavy Duty Aluminum Shredder at MOST, Inc., Troy MO. 
     Installation began in early January 2016 and took less than 60 days to complete.  US Shredder handled the project as a turnkey installation providing civil and electrical engineering, a building that encloses the shredder and downstream, hydraulics and mechanical installation.  The shredder is driven by an AC motor provided by Amerimex of Houston, TX.  The shredder system includes an auto-pilot system for operational efficiency as well as an automated water injection system. 
     The 7090 shredder replaces a smaller shredder at the foundry and is capable of handling between 40 and 100 tons per hour depending on the horse power of the motor.  The system is fed by a heavy duty infeed conveyor with hydraulic drive.
     US Shredder also provides all of the wear parts and castings for the shredder. 
     The US Shredder offers scrap shredders, control systems, downstream
systems, non ferrous recovery, air systems; as well as shredder castings, service, engineering, construction and installation to the worldwide scrap industry.  For more information, please contact Bill Tigner at 205-999-7670 or [email protected]