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US Shredder Introduces New Shredder for Maximum Nonferrous and Ferrous Separation

3 October 2013


Trussville, AL….US Shredder has announced a new heavy duty Nonferrous shredder. The 6060 Shredder is the most advanced and heavy-duty machine designed specifically to shred and liberate nonferrous metals for maximum recovery from eddy current systems and other nonferrous separation technologies. The shredder is designed to process 25 tons per hour using a 1000 HP DC Drive. A unique three anvil design and round grate holes provide optimal separation and a uniformed shredded product.

Processors were looking for a nonferrous shredder that would hold up to heavier infeed material than what the lighter hammermill shredders could withstand. At the same time, low-speed high torque type shredders would simply rip the material leaving much of the nonferrous metals still attached and not ready for the eddy current. The strength of the shredder gives nonferrous and ferrous processors significant advantages to recover the highest value from their material. The US Shredder offers scrap shredders, control systems, downstream systems, non ferrous recovery, air systems, scrap shears, balers, and loggers; as well as shredder castings, service, engineering, construction and installation to the worldwide scrap industry. For more information, please contact Chris Melenick at 216-849-1848 or [email protected]