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US Shredder Offers New Heavy Duty 6085 Replacement Rotors To Shredder Market

19 October 2010

Trussville, AL…..The US Shredder announced it is now offering a Heavy Duty 6085 Spider Rotor for a large number of competitive shredders in the marketplace. 

The design of the rotor makes it 10% heavier than many of the OEM 6085 rotors.  Along with the weight difference, the End Disc and Spiders will be made of proprietary T-1 Type wear resistant steel.   Another advantage is that spiders will be heat shrunk and keyed to the main shaft that is made of a forged and heat treated alloy steel.  Tie Rods will use the High Strength SuperNut® system as well.  US Shredder already supplies its high quality and competitively priced castings for most 6085 rotors in the field today.

According to company President Bill Tigner, “Owners of these shredders have been asking us to design a heavier, longer life rotor for many 6085 shredders.  The features and specifications of this rotor meet that need along with an extremely competitive price.”    

The US Shredder offers scrap shredders, control systems, downstream systems, non ferrous recovery, air systems, scrap shears, balers, and loggers; as well as shredder castings, service and consulting to the worldwide scrap industry.  For more information, please contact Bill Tigner at 205-999-7670.
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