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US Shredder Announces Major Nonferrous Upgrade Project for Midwest Scrap Supplier

12 April 2011

Trussville, AL – The US Shredder announced it will be providing a significant upgrade in equipment and technology for the shredder operated by Cimco Recycling in Sterling, IL.

The final system was developed after months of analysis by Cimco executives.  The first stage was working with US Shredder engineers to determine the nonferrous metals that their current nonferrous system was not recovering and the volumes of each.  Second, a layout was engineered to incorporate the new system in an existing building while placing the remainder of the system in a new structure to be built.  Finally, US Shredder’s Installation Engineering Group designed the installation details.

The new system will be incorporating existing eddy currents with two new “fines” recovery ECS’s, stainless and copper wire recovery systems.

According to Cimco Recycling President John Gralewski, “We looked at many of the systems and technology for the recovery of fines, stainless and copper wire that were available on the market.  What we discovered was the system built by US Shredder provided the most recovery of metals with only one pass.  The cleanliness of the recovered product after only one pass was a deciding factor as well.  We saw that proper separation and product presentation to the recovery equipment was extremely important as well.”

Complete construction engineering and facility layout will be provided by US Shredder’s new Installation Engineering Group.  Installation is expected to begin in May 2011.

The US Shredder offers scrap shredders, control systems, downstream systems, non ferrous recovery, air systems, as well as shredder castings, service, engineering and consulting to the worldwide scrap industry.  For more information, please contact Bill Tigner at 205-999-7670.


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