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Midwest Scrap Management selects US Shredder to build extensive nonferrous plant in Kansas City

27 May 2015

Miramar Beach, FL….. Midwest Scrap Management has selected US Shredder to build an extensive nonferrous recovery system at its main shredder facility in Kansas City, MO.

Designed to be a 45 ton per house system, the plant will consist of 4 separate lines including equipment from Steinert and SICON. The layout is designed to offer maximum recovery and purity of the final products. The system will begin using a trommel and eventually one double deck screen and a single screen for optimal sizing. After sizing, the material will flow to the SICON layout consisting of one 3 cascade sifter, two 3 cascade sifters and an air knife sifter that will separate the light material from the auto shredder residue. The Steinert equipment will include models of the NES 5009, 6119 and the 6119 4T. This portion of the system will be separating additional ferrous, ferrous waste, and zorba. Further downstream, additional SICON equipment will be extracting the stainless and ICW.

According to Jerrit Burgess, Midwest Scrap Management President, we chose Steinert and SICON because we felt that Steinert and SICON provided the best options to Midwest Scrap Management during project planning and provided Midwest Scrap Management with system configuration options that would optimize our ROI. We chose US Shredder and Castings to provide the overall system design, civil engineering, electrical engineering, and project management services because of the industry reputation, aggressiveness to secure the contract with Midwest Scrap Management, and past success that Midwest Scrap Management has had working with US Shredder. Craig Ward, Midwest Scrap Management CFO stated that Klein and Kennedy Construction was chosen as the project’s General Contractor and Mark One Electric was chosen as the project’s Electrical Contractor. Both the General Contractor and Electrical Contractor were selected based on their extensive industrial construction experience, industry reputation, and customer service.

According to Kenny Burgess, Midwest Scrap Management CEO, we completed a 25 Million Dollar expansion at our Park City, KS shredder operations in April 2014 and anticipate the completion of the 13 Million Dollar non-ferrous recovery system in August 2015. The continued expansion of our facilities will build upon the growth of Midwest Scrap Management and our continued success. Craig Ward, Midwest Scrap Management CFO, stated that the expansion of our operations in Park City, KS and Kansas City, MO will allow Midwest Scrap Management to provide commodity purchase prices that meet or exceed the industry average and provide a competitive advantage over our competitors in our respective geographic locations while reducing our environmental footprint. The goal of the non-ferrous recovery system is to enable Midwest Scrap Management to recover additional ferrous and non-ferrous commodities while lessening the environmental impact that our ferrous and non-ferrous recycling facilities create and to create an end use for the auto shredder residue that remains after processing through the non-ferrous recovery system. The non-ferrous recovery system will provide Midwest Scrap Management the ability to process our auto shredder residue from our Kansas City, MO and Park City, KS operations with excess capacity. The excess capacity that the non-ferrous recovery system will create will allow Midwest Scrap Management to process the auto shredder residue from the purchased Midwest Scrap Management Oklahoma City, OK 7,000HP shredder and from outside sources. The Oklahoma City, OK 7,000HP shredder is scheduled for completion before 2017.

Midwest Scrap Management was founded by Kenny Burgess over 35 years ago and has expanded to include ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal recycling facilities in Kansas City, MO; St. Joseph, MO; Park City, KS; and Oklahoma City, OK. Midwest Scrap Management contributes out continued growth and success to our aggressive pricing, customer service, and devoted employees.

The US Shredder offers scrap shredders, control systems, downstream systems, non ferrous recovery, air systems; as well as shredder castings, service, engineering, construction and installation to the worldwide scrap industry. For more information, please contact Bill Tigner at 205-999-7670 or [email protected].