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Romney Uses US Shredder As Backdrop for Town Meeting

5 March 2012

Trussville, AL…..Mitt Romney, making a campaign stop for a Town Meeting in Youngstown, OH; used a shredder built by US Shredder for a backdrop on Monday. 

Romney spoke at the factory owned by Boltech, US Shredder’s fabrication partner to talk about America’s manufacturing and technology strength.  Romney took time in his speech to explain what an automobile shredder did and the skills it took to build such a machine.  "This piece of equipment behind you, you know what that does?" Romney asked. "That shreds cars.  In goes the car, out comes scraps of metal”, Romney explained.   The town meeting aired live in its entirety on CNN and local TV stations.  The candidate used his references to steel-making and car-shredding to highlight his main message of the day: That his private sector experience makes him the best candidate to beat President Obama in the general election. 

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