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US Shredder Introduces New Grate For Auto Shredders, The "Double O-No Grow"

6 May 2011


Trussville, AL…..The US Shredder has introduced a new discharge grate for use in automobile shredders.  Aptly named the “Double O- No Grow”,  the grate is a heavy duty,  double grate with a round discharge area that remains uniform throughout its wear life.  The double grate has been proven to be successful in preventing “bowing” of the grate especially in large shredders.  The circular discharge adds another benefit:  greater discharge area.   For example, one typical double grate that is converted from a standard rectangular design to circular, increases the discharge area of the grate from 1,130 square inches to 1,526 square inches.  A 35% increase with the same strength!  The “double O” design can also be used on single grates to achieve the discharge area advantage.

Shredder operators who want to find out more about the new grate can contact Barry Sheppard at 704-604-9125 or at [email protected].


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